Spotlight: Meet Crystal Stowers Tate, a woman who by all appearances should have lost her mind or been dead a long time ago. As a young girl neither her intelligence nor physical attributes could be denied but there were those who would capitalize on both, for their own purposes. She had been victimized by those that she trusted and those who wore titles of authority. She was unable to handle the pain of the experiences and turn to alcohol and drugs for comfort. This would go on for more than twenty years. What complicated the matter was the loss of three children.
It would seem that her life was headed for permanent destruction but through the prayers of her mother Maxine Stowers and Bishop Loran E Mann, her pastor she was able to recognize that she was somebody and that God loved her through his son Jesus Christ. Today she is a married woman with a ministry to protect other children through “Kidzz Klub” an organization that she created. Crystal tell anyone that she is a walking billboard of what God can do for those that others saw as hopeless. On behalf of the staff at G.O girls we salute you!!! You G.O girl

Spotlight: Meet Tanay Johnson!! Tanay is mother of 2 who has a story that can inspire all. At the age of 17 Tanay gave birth to her first child Taemon. To some this was seen as a setback, however his birth was a blessing and set the tone for her future. After becoming a mother Tanay realized that she needed to gain education and knowledge and enrolled in school at ICM school of Business for Criminal Justice/ Specialized Business. Tanay successfully completed all requirements to receive an Associate’s degree. This was a huge accomplishment for someone who society had “written off”. Tanay, a teen parent with an GED never thought she would accomplish such a goal. This was a great time for Tanay and what better way to add on to her accomplishments than to marry the love of her life Darnell and the two had their second child Tanae’ Jah. Tanay enjoyed being a stay at home mother for a while and watching her children grow. After she received her Associates’ degree she was still eager to learn more about the criminal justice system. Tanay was fueled by the challenge of all her siblings being incarcerated for long periods of time. During this time she felt alone and felt like her brothers were taken away by a system that they did not fully understand. Tanay decided to further her education by participating in an accelerated adult program that was offered by Point Park University. Tanay enrolled in Point Park University to receive my B.A. in Criminal Justice Arts & Science. Tanay successfully completed the educational requirements and took it a step further by entering into the graduate program in Criminal Justice Administration. Throughout her educational endeavors Tanay endured a lot of setbacks and challenges. Tanay was one semester away from completing the graduate program at Point Park University when she lost her life partner and husband of 5 years to an asthma attack. This event crippled her at the time as she did not know what to do or who to turn to. Being that all of her brothers were incarcerated at the time she lacked informal supports. She went into a state of depression and decided to quit school. Getting up in the morning was a challenge and she didn’t want to be around people. Tanay was bitter and hurt by the circumstances that I faced. However!!!!! Tanay re-enrolled in Point Park to complete the requirements to receive her Master’s degree. Tanay had to write a letter to the Dean and they allowed her to come back due to the circumstances, Tanay successfully completed the program and received her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. Tanay set some goals and decided that she wanted to maintain employment on a consistent basis after the completion of my Master’s Degree. On behalf of the staff here at G.O girls we salute you Tanay!!!!! ‪#‎gogirl‬

Spotlight: Meet Tyian Battle founder of ACH Clear Pathways received, her associate degree in business administration from Duff’s Business Institute in 1999, and graduated in 2009 from Point Park University with a bachelor degree in business science, organizational leadership. Battle worked with the YWCA Child Care Information Service as an eligibility coordinator working with families who were in need of government funding to help pay for childcare. The majority of her clients received Tanf/Food Stamp benefits from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. Battle also worked with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit 3 as an administrative assistant in the speech and language department. In this role, she maintained confidential student records in the Pennsylvania Child Accounting data for more than 50 speech pathologists. With her education and work experience, Battle registered ACH Clear Pathways as a non-profit organization with the State of Pennsylvania in 2010. In 2011, the Internal Revenue Service classified ACH Clear Pathways as a charitable organization, exempt under section 501 © (3). Its purpose is to enrich the lives of children and youth in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s inner city Hill District community, and is dedicated to the memory of her son. Amon Cashmere Harris (2001-2009). The United Way of Allegheny County designated ACH Clear Pathways as a Contribution Agency in 2010.
Since then, in carrying out its mission, ACH Clear Pathways has partnered with the Hill House Associate, Housing Authority City of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Public School District, City of Pittsburgh, NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Street Pales, Art Expression, Ozanam Inc, Wesley AME Church, University of Pittsburgh, University of Duquesne, Carnegie Mellon University, YouthWorks Inc, Bloomfield Garfield Corp, American Red Cross, Private Industry Council, UPMC, United Way of Allegheny County, and the American Heart Association. Corporate supporters include Sponsorships of Duquesne Light, Highmark, Macy’s, PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., American Beverage Corp, Lincoln Learning Solutions, FGLM Law Firm, Cove Haven, First National Bank, Fifth Third Bank, Point Park University, Savoy, Giant Eagle, SD Transit Inc. and WPXI. Battle has been by recognized and awarded with the “Simple Excellent Award” by Women for Excellence. A faith-based women’s organization that aims to bring women together for the promotion of civic and philanthropic betterment of the community; the Baden Academy Charter School’s Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Dream-Makers Award;” and the YouthWorks “You Make a Difference Award”.
The City of Pittsburgh issued a proclamation honoring Battle for her commitment to enriching the lives of children who participate in ACH Clear Pathways. On July 21, 2011, the City of Pittsburgh declared “ACH Clear Pathways Day” here in our most livable City of Pittsburgh. As the founder and executive director of ACH Clear Pathways, Battle’s plans to expand ACH Clear Pathways to other urban communities within the City of Pittsburgh to carry out its mission and “Nurture the Hearts of the Arts.” Future plans also include the development of an Arts Learning Center. To service youth, adults and senior citizens with community art programming.
It is the goal of ACH Clear Pathways to serve children and families who have not had the opportunity to thrive in the arts. ACH Clear Pathways will play an active role in the transformation of children, families, and the Hill District Community. On behalf of the G.O girls staff we salute you!!!! G.O girl

Spotlight: meet Miciah Stowers!!! A eighth grader at Arsenal. Miciah was recently chosen to take college classes at the university of Pittsburgh for math, science, and engineering. We salute you!!!! G.O girl!!! Keep generating greatness

Spotlight: Meet Brigette ways!!!! Brigette Ways mother grandmother has overcome many obstacles. A widow at the age of 33yrs was determined to make it for her daughters and with the help of God would she worked for many years in the Human Services field. In spite of the many near death experiences she never stopped dreaming. At the age of twelve she had ruptured appendices which required immediate surgery,1998 caught up in a robbery where she was the only customer and in 2003 she was surprised to learn that she had a congenial heart defect that she was born with. She was told that she had to have surgery or would otherwise die. She attributes her still being on this earth as God's divine plan for the work that he created her to do.
She would become pregnant with her oldest daughter before completing her college education at Slippery Rock University. She thought that it was an opportunity that she had let slip away but God open doors for her to go back in 2004. She was a mother and grandmother given a second chance to obtain what look like an impossibility. She graduated in 2005 with her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. This proves that that there is nothing to hard for God. Don't ever think that it is too late.
In1998 she started SHADZ. This was an organization designed to inspire young teen girls who was bored and having nothing to do during the summer. They would begin doing a fashion show, something many of these girls had never done before. This was a proactive move in keeping her own teenage daughter at the time from being influenced by peer pressure. She would then present her first stage production "The Trials and Tribulations of An Adolescent" This would get the attention of Mel Watts. The North Carolina State Representative.
SHADZ would later become WordsByWays which focuses on 'Building Bridges Towards Success" WordsByWays is multi faceted producing and presenting stage productions designed to address the issues facing our society and motivational workshops and seminars. Her work has been noted by many dignitaries
And finally Brigette Ways is the author of three books. Her readers always respond that they could not put her books down and continue to purchase them. She always acknowledges that the books may have some errors but it is proof that you do not have to perfect in order to be effective. On behalf of G.O girls staff we salute you!!! G.O girl

Spotlight: Meet Juwanda “Seedy” Doswell. Seedy is a true testament to the power of faith and resilience. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to spend time around Seedy you will know that her personality can turn you’re bad day into a great day, and her smile can light up a room. But, it hasn’t always been all smiles for Seedy. She has experienced living in poverty and having to make sacrifices in order to maintain. Her relationship with her mother and brother was one of her motivations to keep striving for success. Tragically her brother whom was her only sibling was killed at the hands of someone else. Growing up in the Homewood area she has experienced death, but never this close to home. The death of her brother almost made her want to give up. But God!!! Seedy began to slowly pick up the pieces and remember that her brother wanted nothing more than for her to finish college. As if the untimely death of her brother wasn’t enough to cause her to want to give up, she then was involved in a home invasion where she was assaulted and staring death in its face. But God!! Although seedy has experienced trials and tribulations, she has not allowed them to consume her. Seedy is currently a student a Chatham University and will be graduating with a B.A in Social Service Administration. On behalf of the staff of G.O girls we Salute you!!! We want to let you know that trying is just a step away from succeeding and we are proud of you!!! G.O girl!!!

Spotlight: Meet Jamia Harvey!!! A woman who is humble beyond measure and understands that God will not put more on you than you can bare. Jamia a mother of one beautiful daughter who she devotes all of her love and time to. Jamie has experienced much grief but has learned that our experiences mold us into who we are. In 2011 Jamia lost someone special to her, at the hands of someone else. This hit Jamia hard due to the fact that she just got off the phone with him. Jamia was heartbroken and asked God to give her strength. At the funeral not only did God give Jamia strength, he allowed her to get saved and what’s better than salvation. A few months following that tragedy, the father of Jamia’s daughter was murdered. Jamia felt lost and confused. She asked God why, she couldn’t understand why she had to keeping experiencing tragedy. Jamia felt the best way for her to cope with pain was to turn to alcohol. Jamia experienced depression, but was able to mask it by partying and surrounding herself with people. Jamia knew deep down inside that her lifestyle was not one she wanted to live. Jamia decided that she no longer wanted to play “church”. Jamia decided to devote her time to her relationship with God and her daughter. Jamia is a example of how tragedy can turn to triumph. Jamia is a awesome mother, daughter, friend, and G.O girl!!! On behalf of the staff here at go girls we salute you Jamia!!!! You G.O girl!!!!!

Spotlight: Meet Latoya!!!! Latoya is a makeup artist who has an inspiring story...... Latoya is the mother of Marshall whom she had at the age of 19. When Marshall was born the doctors said that he would never walk, talk, see, hear, or live to see his first birthday. BUT, the love and prayers of his mother Latoya allowed him to defy all odds!!! Marshall is now 8 years of age. Latoya sacrificed so much so that her son can have the life that he deserves. On behalf of the staff of G.O girls we salute you and say "you G.O girl" keep being a woman of excellence!!!!

Spotlight: Meet Danielle Parson-Rush! Danielle Parson, a communications professional with a wide range of experience, including public relations, marketing, event planning, print and broadcast journalism. Danielle is a Chicago native who now calls Pittsburgh home. A graduate of The University of Illinois' School of Communications, Danielle is currently the Director of Communications for ACHIEVA. ACHIEVA is a non-profit that supports children and adults with disabilities. As director Danielle oversees all of ACHIEVA’s internal and external communications, including monthly publications, media campaigns, social media platform and video content and distribution. She works to deliver a unified message of ACHIEVA’s mission and vision to all of southwestern Pennsylvania. Through Danielle’s work, ACHIEVA receives local and national visibility as a leader in the disability community.

Prior to ACHIEVA, Danielle worked as a news producer for 10 years. Shortly after graduating for The University of Illinois, Danielle took a position with KHBS in Fort Smith, AR. There she served a dual market, where she reported news and managed staff in Fort Smith and Fayetteville. After two years she was recruited by KDKA-TV News in Pittsburgh, there she wrote, edited and produced timely and relevant newscast for the Pittsburgh region.

Danielle takes great interest in her community and believes that education is the key to success. Danielle serves on the board for the Boys Scouts of America Laurel Highlands Council, working primarily with scouts in under-served communities. She also has been an active volunteer for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. In 2015, her efforts in the community caught the attention of the Pittsburgh Pirates and she was awarded the Pittsburgh Pirates Community Champion Award. On behalf of the staff here at G.O girls we salute you!!!! ‪#‎gogirl‬

Spotlight: Meet Dr. Jacqueline Wilson, Dr. Jacqueline Wilson has been the Chief Executive Officer of Three Rivers Adoption Council (TRAC) since 2000. In this position, Dr. Wilson heads one of the largest full service adoption agencies in Western Pennsylvania and one of only a handful that recruits for both public and private child welfare agencies. Prior to joining TRAC Dr. Wilson was Foster Care Director for Family Services of Western Pennsylvania.

Dr. Wilson currently serves as secretary on the Board of Directors of the Adoption Exchange Association, which holds the national Adopt US Kids grant.. Dr. Wilson also sits on the Board of Voice for Adoption and served as its secretary for three years. She was previously appointed to the Pennsylvania State Wide Adoption and Permanency Network Advisory Board, as well as the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Social Work Advisory Board. Dr. Wilson is also a member of the Leadership Council for the Pennsylvania Partnership for Children – Porch Light Project, and the African American Strategic Partnership. Dr. Wilson is a past Board member of the Shona Shariff African Dance and Drum Ensemble as well as My Brothers Keeper, a community re-entry program for individuals who have been involved in the criminal justice system because of their drug and alcohol related addictions.
Accomplishments include being honored as one of the 2005 Angels in Adoption by Congressman Mike Doyle, being named as one of Pittsburgh’s 50 Women of Influence in 2004 and one of the 50 Women of Excellence in 2011 by the New Pittsburgh Courier.Dr. Wilson is a member of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church and serves on the Special Projects Ministry. She is married and the mother of 2 children. Dr. Wilson holds a BASW and an MSW from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Ph.D. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Administration and Leadership Studies. On behalf of the G.O girls staff, we salute you!!!! G.O girl!!!!!!!!