O.G.G. (On Your Mark, Get Set, G.O)

O.G.G. is G.O girls year-round life skills program. O.G.G. provides young women ages 16-28 who have aged out of foster care with monthly life skills workshops as well as one on
one coaching. The workshop topics vary based on the needs of the participating young
women. The monthly workshops cover building healthy relationships, understanding
credit and budgeting, leadership, cooking, cleaning, parenting, and other topics our
participants identify as a need. In addition, the young women have access to one on one
coaching to help them create their individual self-sufficiency plans.


Girl Talk” provides participants with a safe and comfortable environment to discuss issues that they face. G.O girls encourages the participants to see each other as a support system. We do this by establishing a cohort of girls who can be a support to each other “Girl Talk” is led by the participants and not the G.O girls staff. Our program “Girl Talk” Is a series of sessions that each member of the cohort goes through in order to complete the program.